How does the Z Blog Squad program work?

Do you have a blog you love to write and others love to read? We’d love to hear from you! Bloggers selected for The Z Blog Squad receive the latest releases from Zonderkidz monthly in exchange for honest reviews on blogs, e-retailer sites and social media platforms. It’s that simple!

We are passionate about the high-quality products and authors we feature and want to make sure families and kids can learn about them too!

Are there special requirements to be a member of the Z Blog Squad?

Yes! We’re glad you asked.

Bloggers who have a following of 250+ and can show steady growth month to month in UVPM, and post weekly are invited to apply for the Z Blog Squad.

For consideration, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Name of Blog
  5. Blog Address
  6. Number of Blog Followers
  7. Social Media Engagement
    Facebook Y/N and Number of Followers
    Twitter Y/N and number of followers
    Instagram Y/N and number of followers
    Other platforms

We regularly review applications and will notify you if you are selected.

What would be the cause for my application to be denied?

If a Z Blog Squad application is denied it may be that the applicant did not meet the program’s currently-preferred criteria (listed below). In order to best suit the needs of its members, the Z Blog Squad has standard preferences we look for in its applicants. Based on the current needs of the program, these criteria may change, but typically the program attracts bloggers with:

  • An actively maintained public blog
  • Regular content posts, at least once per week.
  • The program does not accept Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads or any other type of community profile site as a viable form of blog.
  • Bloggers who have a visible minimum of 250 followers or subscribers and can show steady growth month over month. Please understand, if the Z Blog Squad team cannot view this follower count, we cannot currently accept your application. There are multiple options in order to place a follower count on your blog, such as Google Friend Connect, WordPress Follow Blog Widget, Blogger Buzz, Facebook follower buttons, and using a Feedburner Count.

If your blog meets the current preferences, please apply! If you have applied and were turned down, please ensure your blog does meet these requirements. Contact us through email at and we will be happy to review your application again.

Each month, our Z Blog Squad bloggers receive an email featuring an exciting array of four to five products. Our bloggers are asked to respond within one week to receive their copies to review. These are provided free of charge. The number of copies is limited, and they are given on a first come, first served basis. The blogger agrees to read and post an original review (at least 50 words not including back cover copy or plot synopsis) on their blog and at least one retailer website within 30 days of receiving the free product.

Do I need to have a blog to be in this program?

Yes, a public blog is required. We ask that the blog post and posts on retailer websites such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Facebook, or book websites like Goodreads are accessible by the general public.

Am I required to finish a book I’ve agreed to review?

In the event you aren’t enjoying the book, we don’t require you to finish it, but we do expect you to be thoughtful and considerate in the case of a negative review, just as you would be when posting a positive one.

Where am I required to post a review?

Your review must be posted on your blog and at least one retailer website such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book or Goodreads. You may post on as many retailer’s sites as you would like but one is required.

We ask that you post your review within 30 days of receiving the product.

What if my review is not posted within 30 days?

In the event you are not able to post your review within 30 days, please notify us. We all get busy! If you cannot post within 30 days for two months, we reserve the right to give your spot to an active blogger. You will be eligible to re-apply after 12 months.

How do I submit my review links?

Please submit a direct link to the review on your blog and any retailer sites to:

I have finished reviewing my book. Do I need to return the book to the Z Blog Squad? What should I do with it?

The book is now yours. Feel free to keep it in your physical or digital library. If you have received a print copy, you may also donate it to your local library, church, charitable organization, or host a giveaway for your review copy on your blog.

I am having trouble posting a review on What are some other consumer websites that take reviews?

Try posting your review at,,,, or And please note that sometimes it will take a day or so for your review to appear.

Can I request more books to review?

Yes, you may request more than one book. However, if you are consistently requesting books and not posting reviews you will be dropped from the program.

When and where should I post my review?

Your review should be posted your blog and a retailer website such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christian Book, Goodreads, within thirty days of receiving the product. You must post on at least retailer site in addition to your blog, but on as many retailer sites as you would like.

Should I post a spoiler in my review?

No. Please be considerate of other readers.

Should I tweet/Facebook links to my review?

Of course! Use hashtag # and tag Zonderkidz @Zonderkidz