Sharing Wonder With Children

Written by Deb Gruelle, author of Ten Little Fireflies and Ten Little Night Stars 

Jar of fireflies

Catching the glimmer of fireflies in the darkness always creates a sense of wonder in me. I grew up in California, where sadly, we don’t have fireflies. But since my extended family lived in Ohio, our summer vacations inevitably led to a land blessed with fireflies.

The combination of warm summer nights playing with cousins while the adults chatted, then the arrival of those magical lighted creatures in my grandparent’s yard is a joy to remember. It felt like starlight came down almost close enough to touch. Fireflies taught me that there can be beauty, joy, and light found in the dark. Fireflies also reminded me as a young child that if God cared enough to offer us such joy through these tiny creatures, who take to the air and beam their light on warm summer nights, he’ll also take care of us.

When your child notices the wonder in nature, whether in a bug, or a flower, or a cloud, help them connect that moment with the God who created nature and makes our wonder possible.

I hope Ten Little Fireflies will offer your little ones this same sense of wonder and security when they read it.

Gabi Murphy, the same illustrator who created the illustrations for Ten Little Night Stars and Sleepy Time Colors, did another amazing job of creating the cute woodland animals, like hedgehogs and owls, for this book’s glimpse into the wonder of a child’s summer evenings.