Little Ones and Their Big Questions

Written by Megan Dobson, VP, Publisher, Zonderkidz and Blink YA

“Mom, just one question tonight?”

This is something I’ve heard nearly every bedtime from my oldest two children for about two years now. It’s more common with my oldest son, now 7, and honestly, in his case I’m lucky if he only asks for one! He’s infamous for tough questions and seems to have an endless supply of things he’s curious about. My five-year-old daughter is a little easier with fewer big existential or theological questions than my son, but she asks her fair share of tough ones too.

To be completely honest, when this first started, I felt pretty annoyed with it. I assumed it was a bedtime stalling tactic. Why do kids do this right at bedtime, when the list of things we parents still need to accomplish for the day is far longer than our patience?

Yet the longer this went on and the more I really listened to their questions and considered what was on their minds, the more I realized that their timing wasn’t about stalling bedtime after all. It was because tucked into their beds, nightlights on and cuddled up next to mom, they felt safe. Secure enough to ask all the questions on their minds and hearts.

When our team at Zonderkidz first discussed the idea for the new The Beginner’s Bible 100 Bedtime Devotions: Thoughts and Prayers to End Your Day, our goal was to create a resource that would fit perfectly into families’ bedtime routines. The short devotions cover an array of topics on little ones’ hearts and minds—everything from how to have courage in the face of fear, how to handle bullies, how to love and serve others well, to what it means to have patience or courage, and much more. We wanted to create a resource that promotes connection and helps parents and caregivers tackle the big questions that inevitably come up at bedtime with meaningful answers.

Ultimately, I believe these bedtime conversations grow the trust and faith of our little ones—and ours as adults, as well. In this way, I pray The Beginner’s Bible 100 Bedtime Devotions will be a blessing to families and a foundational resource that starts our children on a journey toward daily prayer and reflection for years to come.