Show Up for Your Life

Show Up for Your Life

Show Up for Your Life

What the girl you’ll be tomorrow wants you to know today
Price: $16.99
Release date: Feb 05, 2019
ISBN: 9780310766834
Format: Hardcover

What does the women you’ll be tomorrow want you to know today? Show Up for Your Life by gifted writer, speaker, and worship leader Chrystal Evans Hurst will help young women ages 13 and up stop worrying about the small stuff and start embracing who they are in God’s eyes.

From Chrystal Evans Hurst, popular author of the adult title She’s Still There, comes Show Up for Your Life, a book that empowers young women to appreciate their divinely created uniqueness instead of comparing themselves to others.

Show Up for Your Life helps young women ages 13 and up:

  • Remember all the positives in their life now and not get stuck in anxiety over the future
  • Recognize their unique, God-given gifts
  • Deal with distractions that throw them off course from God’s plan for them
  • Stop comparing themselves to others

Chrystal shares her own stories that will inspire young women to stop worrying—whether it’s about how to dress, who they hang with, or any of the other daily ups and downs of life—and face every day with an attitude of mindfulness and gratitude.

Inside Show Up for Your Life, readers will love:

  • Chrystal’s conversational tone, honesty, and humble wisdom
  • The interactive sections at the end of each chapter that summarize what you should remember, pose questions to encourage reflection, provide a responsive activity to do individually, and provide Scripture verses to guide growth