Your Spark

Your Spark

Your Spark

Celebrating the Brightest Part of You!
by Lisa Leonard
Price: $18.99
Release date: Oct 01, 2019
ISBN: 9780310765936
Format: Hardcover

From social media sensation and jewelry-maker Lisa Leonard comes the children’s picture book Your Spark. Lisa pours her heart into this book and wants children everywhere to know that we all have a light inside us that shines brightly and makes us who we are. In Your Spark, the universal message of self-acceptance and celebration of what makes us all unique is brought to life with inspiring text and free-spirited illustrations.

Inside your heart there is a spark. 

It shines bright and true, and it’s what makes you, YOU!

God gave you your very own spark. 

No one else in the whole wide world has a spark like yours!

Your spark makes your eyes twinkle and your mouth smile. 

It makes your feet stomp and your voice loud. 

It makes you excited and curious to learn new things. 

It lights you up from inside, and fills you with wonder and dreams.

Your Spark will inspire children to shine. And they will love the cover of this book sparkles with glitter and foil.