I Want Your Smile, Crocodile

I Want Your Smile, Crocodile

I Want Your Smile, Crocodile

by Denette Fretz
Illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic
Price: $17.99
Release date: Apr 17, 2018
ISBN: 9780310758907
Format: Hardcover

I want your smile, Crocodile.

Kids love your pointy chin.

If it were mine,

they’d stand in line,

and wait for me to grin.

Would life for a spunky meerkat pup be better with polar bear hair? Porcupine spines? A crocodile smile? As Jack the meerkat covets all the things his zoo friends have, he creates calamity and discovers contentment in this humorous tale celebrating God's perfect, purposeful design. Written by critically acclaimed author Denette Fretz and illustrated by New York Times bestselling artist Jackie Urbanovic, this comical story of self-acceptance will have readers giggling through the pages.

The cover of this book features spot gloss.