You’re the Hugs to My Kisses

You’re the Hugs to My Kisses

You’re the Hugs to My Kisses

And Other Fun Ways to Say I Love You
Illustrated by Barbara Herndon, Diane Ewen
Price: $12.99
Release date: Jan 04, 2022
ISBN: 9780310734963
Format: Hardcover

Celebrate and express the special bond between loved ones––family and friends, young and old––with this heartfelt children’s picture book that reminds you that life is sweeter when you have someone to share it with. 

You’re the jelly to my donut. 

You’re the blue to my sky. 

You’re the laces to my sneakers. 

You’re the twinkle to my eye. 

With whimsical, read-aloud rhymes, this delightful story will appeal to readers (and listeners) of all ages and remind you to enjoy all that you have in common with your loved ones.  

You’re the Hugs to My Kisses is a perfect gift for: 

  • kids ages 4-8 years old 
  • a best friend 
  • your Valentine! 
  • your kids’ teachers 
  • couples celebrating engagements, weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day 
  • that certain someone who makes your life better just by being in it