Secrets of Civil War Spies

Secrets of Civil War Spies

Secrets of Civil War Spies

by Nancy LeSourd
Price: $8.99
Release date: Aug 25, 2008
ISBN: 9780310713906
Format: Softcover

In this historical fiction book by former educator Nancy Lesourd, young readers can experience American history through the letters of two girls witnessing the Civil War firsthand: Molly, who joins a spy ring against the Confederacy in Richmond supported by her Union-loyal aunt; and Emma, who disguised herself as a boy to help the Yankee cause, and who is based on the real-life Sarah Emma Edmunds. Filled with period-accurate information, this book brings history to life and is also perfect for classrooms or homeschool use.

Within this novel in Liberty Letters series, late-elementary and middle school readers can explore the fictionalized story of two girls who find themselves in the middle of world-shaping events.

Desperate to help the Union, Emma dresses herself as a boy and enlists as a Yankee soldier, and is soon fighting with her regiment on Virginia battlefields and spying for the Union. While in Richmond, her friend Molly discovers a spy ring against the Confederacy and finds herself aiding their cause. While the war tears the nation apart, both girls must find a way to keep their secrets safe and decide whether they will risk everything--including their lives and freedom--for what they believe.

While reading Secrets of Civil War Spies, readers 8-12 will also encounter:

  • Period-accurate historical details that help bring history to life in an entertaining and educational way—including information on the actual Sarah Emma Edmunds
  • An exploration of the challenges and barriers women faced in that time period, including tests to their beliefs
  • A chance to think through how they may have reacted in these important times … and how they can act today as history continues to unfold around them.

Secrets of Civil War Spies is:

  • an ideal addition to homeschool or classroom history curriculums
  • perfect for any young woman interested in history or what they can do to shape our world today based on the important lessons of the past
  • a great gift for birthdays or holidays that will also empower and inspire the young girl in your life

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