I Love You This Much

I Love You This Much

I Love You This Much

Illustrated by Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan, Lynn Hodges, Sue Buchanan, John R. Bendall-Brunello
Price: $8.99
Release date: Dec 25, 2005
ISBN: 9780310709619
Format: Board Book

In this bestselling ode to a parent’s love for their child—now in a sturdy board book format—follow a bear and their cub through a day spent together. The rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations make this a read-aloud book perfect for sharing with your child just how much you love them.

How I love your morning hug;

you nestle in my touch.

You wait to hear me whisper low,


A perfect cuddle book for young children and the adults who cherish them, I Love You This Much combines endearing illustrations with playful text to reassure young audiences of a caregiver’s boundless love for their child—and God’s endless love for us. From the first light of the morning to the comfort of bedtime, and all the adventures and playtime that come between, follow this bear and their beloved cub as they show each other love throughout the day.

I Love You This Much:

  • is a wonderful read-aloud story with rhymes and rhythms that build to a refrain about your love for them that your child will always remember
  • is perfect for toddlers and young children
  • is ideal for bonding time and bedtime, in a board book format that makes it perfect for travel and everyday use
  • is a sweet story with an inspiring message based around Ephesians 3:17–18