The Weekly Prayer Project for Kids

The Weekly Prayer Project for Kids

The Weekly Prayer Project for Kids

Journal, Pray, Reflect, and Connect with God
Illustrated by Kat Kalindi
Price: $9.9901
Release date: Nov 01, 2022
ISBN: 9780310141471
Format: Hardcover

The Weekly Prayer Project for Kids helps children 8 to 12 discover the power of all types of prayer and the impact it has in their lives. This year-long guided prayer journal encourages young readers to talk to God about their blessings, hopes, fears, dreams, and more.

Fun journaling prompts and beautiful photos and illustrations will keep kids engaged, while Bible verses and mindful reflections will deepen their faith as they develop their own personal relationship with God. And the weekly format is perfect for busy schedules while still building a regular habit.

The Weekly Prayer Project for Kids is:

  • Perfect for those new to faith and prayer life, but thought-provoking enough for someone already familiar with prayer
  • A unique journaling format designed to help young readers focus and organize time for prayer
  • An ideal gift for birthday, holidays, communion, and confirmation


Each week includes:

  • A biblical theme to focus on
  • Scripture—a short but impactful Bible verse to help readers reflect and think deeply
  • Journaling prompts to help young readers pray, reflect, and connect with God


This 12-month journal:

  • Showcases beautiful photography and bright, whimsical illustrations
  • Provides plenty of journaling space
  • Easily fits on a nightstand or in a bookbag


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