Jesus cares about your mental health. Do you?

Written by Laura L. Smith

Your mental health matters to Jesus.
He created you body, mind, and spirit.
He wants goodness for you, including for your mental and emotional well-being.

Did you know that the top tips from mental health professionals to care for your mental health are Biblical (things like prayer, serving others, community etc.)? This totally makes sense, because God wants good for you and is always working things out for your good. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month AND that 5 Minute Devotions for Teens: A Guide to God and Mental Health released 5 months ago today here are some resources to Biblically care for your mental health.

Click on links and/or images below to access FREE podcasts and a FREE reading plan on YouVersion to jumpstart conversations around mental health and to care for both your mental health and the well-being of those you love. There’s also a link to purchase 5 Minute Devotions for Teens: A Guide to God and Mental Health designed for teens (but so many adults are reading and enjoying).



























5-Minute Devotions for Teens: A Guide to God and Mental Health

Throughout the pages of this book, I’ve included tips from professionals on how to take care of your mental health. But I’ve also put the biblical truths that explain the “why” behind the suggestions on how to care for your mental health. Each devotion includes a prayer or a prompt.

I pray as you read this book, you’ll become more equipped to take care of your mental health, now and throughout your life. But even more so, I pray that you’ll feel the sweet, deep love of Jesus for you. That you’ll know He is for you, that He wants only good for you, that He’ll fight for you, and that He’ll never leave your side.





















Do you ever wish you could slow your thoughts, but they keep racing ahead? Sometimes, anxiety, sadness, or loneliness can feel overwhelming—but they don’t have to. This FREE 5-day reading plan is like a breather for your brain. Each devotion includes a Bible verse, a few thoughts on how the verse applies to your life, and a prayer, idea, or encouragement to get you going again.